Working with Your Library Account

Here is how to get and to use your on-line account:

  1. Get an on-line account from your librarian
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Set up your preferences
    1. The Notification Preferences Tab
    2. Search and History Preferences Tab
  4. Things you can do in your account
    1. See and renew items you’ve checked out
    2. Place and manage Holds
    3. Lists
    4. Check fines and payments

Get an on-line account from your librarian

Visit your local library and ask the librarian for an online account. They will give you this information:

  • Your login name (you can pick any name you’d like, as long as it is not a duplicate of any other name in the system)
  • A password (you can change it at any time).
  • A link to the website for your account

Log in to your account

Follow the link provided to get to your library. Then select “My Account” in the upper right corner.
You may wish to bookmark this link on your web browser.

Enter your username and password.  Then Select “Log in”

Set up Preferences

There are a number of things you can do to make your account fit your preferences. When you click on the “Account Preferences” tab, you see this screen:

You can change your email address and you can (and SHOULD) change your password. If any of the other information on this screen is incorrect, contact your librarian.

The Notification Preferences Tab

If you will be placing holds on items, in this tab you let the library know the best way to notify you.

Search and History Preferences

If you have a fast computer connection you may wish to increase the number of Search Hits per page.
If you would like to keep a history of checked out items, check the box. (Note: For privacy purposes, the library itself has no way of keeping your search history. This information is not kept unless you request it here; and then, it is only available to you.)

If you would like to keep a history of your holds, check the box. Then click Save

Things you can do in your account

Once you have logged in, you see this screen:

See and renew items you’ve checked out

Near the top of the screen you can see at a glance how many items you have checked out, on hold or are ready for pickup.  You can also see the total of fines due.  Further down the screen you can see details for each of these.

You can, of course, search the catalog.

Finally, there are a number of tabs with more information.  These include Messages, Items Checked Out, Holds, Account Preferences and My lists. We will cover many of these here.

Items checked out.

This lists all of the items you have checked out.  From here, if you check the box in front of the title, you can renew items.

Also if you have chosen to keep your check Out History (from Account Preferences/Search and History Preferences), you can see all of the items that you have ever checked out).

Place and Manage Holds

You can review and manage all of your current holds. You can also place new holds on items. When you log on to your account you immediately see how many holds you have outstanding.

If you select “View All” next to the “Items currently on Hold”, you can see detail on your hold.

If you click on the checkbox next to a hold, and then, from “Actions for selected holds”, you can Cancel, or Suspend the hold (in case you are going on vacation).

Of course any time you search for an item, you can place a hold instantly.

When you select “Place Hold”, you notify the library of your pickup location and how you would like to be contacted when the item is ready for you.

My Lists

You may wish to keep lists of items.  Perhaps they are lists of things you would like to read.  Or they might be lists of things you have read for a class.  You can create as many lists as you would like.  Then when you find an item in the catalog, you simply add it to the list.  In “My Account”, the “My Lists” tab lets you create new lists.

Once you have found items in the catalog, you can then add them to a list (or create a new list)

From “My Account/My Lists” you can click on the name of a list and see all of the items in that list. Checking the box before the item’s name, lets you place a hold on the item or delete it from the list.

As you can see, you can also Delete the entire list, or Download the entire list.

Fines and Payments

My Account” also displays Fines and Payments.

Selecting the “Payments” tab displays all of your payments

You can print a receipt