Views in Evergreen

One of the common ways to edit a bibliographic record or your holdings on that record is to search for the record.


When you click on that record, You see a screen that might be similar to this:


This screen actually has two parts.

The top part has information about the bibliographic record. 


You use the “Actions for this Record” to work with the Bibliographic Record – Including how you want the bottom part of the screen to display.


The bottom part displays one of four different ways to work with this record.

  • OPAC View, displays the record exactly as it appears in the OPAC
  • MARC View displays the record’s Marc Format
  • MARC Edit displays the record’s Marc Format, but lets you actually edit the MARC record.
  • Holdings Maintenance View allows you to add volume information (Call number),  and information on your item (e.g. Location, status, price, etc.)


Normally when you are cataloging, you would set the display to “Holdings Maintenance”.  This  allows you to see and to work with the volume and item information.


Tip:  Be sure to check the boxes in front of “Show Volumes” and in front of “Show Items”. This displays both the volume and the item information (Lines 4 and 5) for your library .



If you are cataloging, you should set this to be the default view every time you search for, find and click on an item.  To set this as the default view, first change the view as above.  Then, Under “Actions for this Record”, select “Set Bottom Interface as default” (near the bottom of the list).

You can change, and reset, the view at any time.