Views in Evergreen

One of the common ways to edit a bibliographic record or your holdings on that record is to search for the record.


When you click on that record, You see a screen that might be similar to this:


This screen actually has two parts.

The top part has information about the bibliographic record. 


Just below that you see a number of tabs – “OPAC View, MARC Edit, MARC View, View Holds, etc.”

This lets you choose one of several different ways to work with this record.

  • OPAC View, displays the record exactly as it appears in the OPAC
  • MARC Edit displays the record’s Marc Format, but lets you actually edit the MARC record.
  • MARC View displays the record’s Marc Format
  • Holdings Maintenance View allows you to do a number of things. Among them are:
    • Show item status
    • Show Holds
    • Edit the item
    • Replace the barcode
    • Delete the item
    • Transfer the item to another destination (volume)