Using the MedlinePlus Web Site

  1. Use your library web access to the catalog or go to Maine Balsam Libraries catalog:
  1. The words MedlinePlus are white letters on the black line in the middle of the catalog page. Click on the MedlinePlus (Health Information) words.This links to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus page.
  1. Enter your search topic (spelling counts) in the search box on the right side and click GO.
  •             If you enter a general topic, like surgery, you see possible suggestions for narrowing the topic.
  •             Choose one or stay with your general topic.
  •             On the left side, ideas to refine by topic or format.
  •             On the right side is a box with a summary, followed by a list of articles.
  •             In the summary, clicking on “read more” opens up more details on the topic.
  •             If your search topic was more specific, like back surgery,you get a list of articles.


  1. On most MedlinePlus pages, the left side has the option to return to Home.

            Some links take you off the MedlinePlus web and open in the new tab.

Helpful links on the home site:

Below the Search box: About MedlinePlus, what’s new, the site map, and customer support.

On the left side 6 groups of topics

  •             Health topics – grouped in five types and a list of all topics.
  •             Drugs and Supplements – in two lists, drugs by generic and brand. Note the Daily Med between              the two lists, this links to a Table/capsule ID tool, providing pill identification photos.
  •             Videos and Tools – includes kid friendly games.
  •             Medical tests – tells what, why, how, and results.
  •             Medical encyclopedia – A.D.A.M., over 4,000 articles many with photos and drawings.
  •             Healthy recipes – organized by meals and types of foods.

In the middle of the page:

            Four different photos – topics that change monthly.

            Tweets – by MedlinePLus.

On the right side:

  •             Stay Connected – free newsletter, by email either immediately, daily, or weekly.
  •             All of Us – A research project of National Institute of Health.
  •             Clinical trials – database of clinical sites in 209 countries.

    At the bottom:

  •             Easy to read materials – an alphabetical list of some topics.
  •              Organizations and directories – two separate lists organized alphabetically.
  •             Multiple languages -many topics are translated.
  •             MedlinePlus Connect – check with your doctor for its use. 

Please check with your library staff for computer and/or Internet help.