Support Procedures


1. Quick Troubleshooting.

A. Computer issues.

B. Internet access – no WiFi or WiFi continually disconnecting.

C. Evergreen access.

D. Using Evergreen.

2. Your library’s computers.

3. The Internet Connection.

4. The Evergreen Program.

5. Your Mentor.

6. Screen Sharing (Zoom)

7. Cataloging Help via the Cataloging Committee

1.    Quick Troubleshooting

A. Computer issues

Check the the electric plug for the computer.

Check the turn-on for the screen.

Unplug and re-plug the computer and/or the screen

Screen on, but no images. Turn off the screen and/or computer, wait 5 minutes, turn back on.

None of these work? See #2 below for information.

B. Internet access – no WiFi or WiFi continually disconnecting.

Turn off computer WiFi connection and back on

Reset the router (get directions from your router installer)

Check Google for WiFi issues for your brand of computer

Check the WiFi connection with another device (computer laptop, tablet, smart phone)

Nothing works? See #3 below for information.

C. Evergreen access

No Evergreen icon? Search your hard drive.

Evergreen loads, but your user name/password do not work. Using the correct one?

Evergreen loads, but no WiFi and you want to work offline. See  (?) for how to do that.

Nothing work? See #4 below for information

D. Using Evergreen

Having problems using some part of Evergreen?

See #5 below for information

Screen sharing – Zoom

For #4 and #5, become familiar with Zoom #6, a free screen sharing app.

2.    Your library’s computers

We support Evergreen on Windows and Macintosh computers. We generally are not sensitive to specific versions of the operating system.  Nor do we specify disk size, memory or other physical characteristics of the computer. We only load one program on your computer – that is “Zoom” our screen sharing program. The Evergreen program itself runs within your web browser (either Chrome of Firefox). Our only computer requirements are that the computer is connected to the Internet and that performance is acceptable to the librarian. Your local computer vendor is always welcome to contact our technical support staff (Chris Maas) to discuss.

3.    The Internet Connection

Evergreen runs from servers “in the cloud”.  As such, you must have a reasonably high-speed internet connection. You are responsible for assuring with your Internet Service Provider that your Internet connection is in good order.  Most of our libraries use MSLN as their Internet Provider. You can contact them at

4.    The Evergreen Program

Your contact for technical support for the Evergreen program is Chris Maas.  He can be reached at or at 207-924-4553. He typically provides initial training for new libraries and on-going training as you request.

For new installations, he will make at least one on-site visit. For on-going training we typically use remote screen sharing.  You may schedule support sessions at any time.

If you are unable to reach Evergreen, you should first check your library’s internet connection.  (If the Internet is not available, you cannot use Evergreen).  If the Internet is available, and you cannot load Evergreen, or you get errors in Evergreen, you should call Chris at the above number.

5.    Your Mentor

Chris can work with you to learn and use the Evergreen system. However, there may be times when you have “workflow” questions – that is learning how to use the system to best run your library. As a member supported consortium, every library has a mentor.  That is, a practicing librarian for another library in the consortium.  As new libraries are added, they meet Chris and their mentor. For more information on your mentor and their role, contact our president, Nancy Grant (

6.    Screen Sharing (Zoom)

One of the principal ways that we help each other out is by telephone and a screen sharing program called “Zoom”.  In most cases, when you want help, you call the person on the other end (Chris, your mentor, or another member library).  Then one of you starts a screen sharing session and you can then see each other’s screen.  Your computer does not need a camera or microphone to use this capability.

You can sign up for zoom and download the program at (for help with this, call Chris at any time).

As a member of the consortium, you will likely need support at one time or another in these areas.