Cataloging – Copy Cataloging – Instructions

Adding local items to the Balsam Evergreen catalog

Step by Step Instructions

Before you begin – Preparation to catalog – steps to be set up by local or Balsam administrator:

  • Workstation setup to catalog
  • Your user name, password, and permission to catalog
  • Copy Templates set up in copy editor
  • Items to catalog with barcodes (on item or knowledge of where to put it)
  • Call number of item
  • Locations for your materials

1. In Cataloging/Import Record from Z39.50, have the default search set to “Local Catalog”

Then Search for the Title of the item that you have.

If you find an item where the “Service” is “native-evergreen-catalog” that means that the bibliographic record is already in Evergreen (you don’t need to import another record).  Simply select the record (click anywhere on the row – the row turns blue/green).  Then click “Show in Catalog”.  This brings up the record.

2.If you cannot find a record where the service is “native-evergreen-catalog”,  then add other libraries (usually “Library of Congress” and “MaineCat” and search again.  If the Record is NOT in “native-Evergreen-Catalog”, but available in some other service, select the record and then click “Import”

NOTE:  If you are not sure that the record in the search, select “View MARC” for more details.  Check especially these field numbers:
100 – Author’s name
245 – Title
300 – Physical description (number of pages, etc.)
856 – Electronic Record (if you have a physical item in your hand, you do NOT want to import these records).

3. Click on item title

4. Choose “Add Copies”” (top right side of screen).

5. Enter the Call Number and the Bar Code

6.Fill in the Holdings Detail This information is unique to your library.   Most libraries, at a minimum, fill in the Status (“Available”); the Shelving location, and the Price.   Whenever possible use copy templates to make this job as easy and accurate as possible.   When all of the data is  filled in,  press “Save & Exit” 10. Confirm that the item is added.   Note: NEVER catalog without using copy templates (too easy to miss things). Make all the changes needed (If you use Copy Templates, you should only need to change the price.)    (see Note on picking prices)   11. Done!



15a. 15. Price is a local library decision.  For “Price” you can enter just the number (i.e. the number 9 for $9.00) or you can leave this field blank. Some libraries use a standard $5, $10, $15 or $20 price for all books. Or $5 for paperbacks and $20 for hardcovers. Back