Deleting Items and Records

As a cataloger,  you will occasionally delete items from your   Here’s what you need to know:

Parts to your catalog Holding

When you are cataloging,  your holding ends up in three separate places:

  • The Bibliographic Records – shared by your library and every other library in the system.
  • The “Volume” This is the “Call Number”.   Normally, you might have only one copy (item) under the call number.  But for  a popular new book, you might have two copies.  So when you cataloged the books,  you added Holdings like this

:Both of these books are stored in Evergreen in the same “Volume” (Call Number).

  • The Item itself – identified with a barcode.

The easiest way to delete individual items is to do so under “Item Status” (Search for item by barcode).

This method works especially well if you are deleting several items (“choose File”, lets you upload a text file with multiple barcodes).
If your library has the only copy,  this method deletes the item, the call number (“Volume”) and the associated Bibliographic Records.  However, if other libraries have copies under this bibliographic record,  when you use this method to delete an item, Evergreen does not delete the Call Number (“Volume”).  Nor does it delete the Bibliographic Record.

A better way to delete items is through the “Holdings View” Screen

This gives you more choices when you delete an item

Usually you will choose “Delete Call Numbers and Items”..  If you have two copies and only are deleting the second copy, you would choose to “Delete Items”.   in the example above  the “OGUN” library has a Call number (“Volume”) with no items.  In that case, you would choose “Delete Empty Call Numbers”.  If you delete all of the Call Numbers and Items, the bibliographic record is automatically deleted.

Deleting Bibliographic Records

Deleting items and Call Numbers works as above.  In addition, If you have deleted all items and Call Numbers, the Bibliographic Record is automatically also deleted.   However, sometimes you need to delete just an “empty” bibliographic record.  In this case,  choose “MARC Edit”.

You cannot delete a Bibliographic Record if it still has Items or Volumes attached.

If you see this message,  go to the Holdings View and delete all of the relevant items and Call Numbers (“Volumes”).  Of course, you should only delete those from your own library.