Cataloging – Add Items – Cheatsheet

Use when adding your items to Balsam’s catalog

Use these directions for individual books, not multiple volumes or media

Copy Templates need to be set up first – check with your library administrator or mentor

Choose the cataloging menu, scroll to the Import with Z39

  1. Be sure Service and Credentials are set to Local Catalog, then save as default
  2. Enter Title and Author, search.
  3. IF total hits finds one or more “native evergreen“, choose one of those.

(this needs another teaching session showing what to pick if more than one choice) IF nothing is found than set aside.

  1. Click on the number in front of your choice. Make sure the Record summary matches your item.
  2. Choose Show in Catalog
  3. Choose Add Copies
  4. In the Owning library row, choose the Call number box, and enter your call number.
  5. In the Barcode box, scan your library barcode that is on the item.
  6. In the Template box, choose the correct template and choose Apply
  7. Note the boxes that are pre-filled.
  8. Add any other information you need price can be added with just the numbers, not the $ sign 
  1. Choose the Save and exit box

13.You will see the record for the item.

  1. Refresh your screen to see your addition.

Level 1 a.

Editing the MARC record of materials already in Balsam:

 Only for people who understand the importance of type, audience, copyright date, & language.