Administration – All About Barcodes

The Consortium occasionally orders patron and item Barcodes for its members.  Or you may order them directly.  Here are the specifications:

1.  The Barcode should include a prefix.  The first digit is either a 2 (for patron Barcodes) or a 3 (for item Barcodes).  The next part of the prefix is the symbol that you have reserved with Maine Infonet. For instance,  the register symbol for the Ogunquit library is 3907.  Thus,  the prefix for their item Barcodes would be “33907” and for their patron barcodes would be “23907”.

2.  The last digit is a “Code 3/9 with Modulus 10 Check Digit”.

3.  The total length of the Barcode wll be 14 digits.

4.  You specify the starting and ending Barcode numbers.

5.  You may have a Barcode label (e.g. the name of your library).