Administration – Adjusting Library Hours

Overdues and fines are calculated based on the library’s open and closed dates.  These are maintained in two different places.   The first place sets the standard library open and closed hours.  The second, which you should adjust as necessary sets specific dates that change.  This includes holidays, vacation days and other closed dates.  Here is how to set and edit dates and hours.

(Note:  These dates do not automatically transfer to the dates and hours listed on your library’s web site. )

Normal Hours of Operation

These should have been set up when your library became a member of the Consortium.  If you do change your normal days or hours, see “Balsam Libraries/Administering your System”

Holidays and Special Dates

You should change these at least at the beginning of every year.  Here is how.

  1. From the Admin/Local Administration menu, choose “Closed Dates Editor”
  2. Select your library (If more than one branch, select the system

If you are setting closings one day at a time (e.g. Holidays),  Select “Add Single Day Closing”

Use the calendar to pick the day, and then add the reason for closing

If you are setting closings for a range of dates (e.g. Summer vacation), Select “Add Multiple Day Closing”

If your closing time is for part of the beginning or ending dates, the select “Add Detailed Closing”

Note: You fill in the time of day using “military time” – 24 hour clock.

This example shows the library closing at 1 PM on Wednesday the 21st, through 11:50pm on Sunday the 25th