3.1 Upgrade


We are well along with the 3.1 upgrade.  All libraries are now using the system.  As always, if you run into any problems or questions,   you can use the “Let us hear from you” form to contact us.  Or, you may call Chris directly at 924-4553.  We will be glad to help you get adjusted to the new system.

Let us hear from you!
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Some questions and answers:
1.  I have both Chrome and Firefox on my computer.  If I delete cookies on one, does it also delete in the other browser?
A: No, if you delete cookies in one browser they will still be there in the other browser.  (However workstation names and grid settings are unique to the browser. If you were to choose to run Evergreen in both Chrome and Firefox (which we do not recommend), you would need to set up the workstation name and grid settings twice – once for each browser).
2. Microsoft, Google, and Firefox are implementing “do-not-track” features into their browsers, giving the option to block bookies that may track surfing for advertising purposes.  If I use the do-not-track feature, does it also eliminate the Balsam cookie?
A. No. Evergreen will continue to work with the do-not-track feature turned on (we recommend it).  However, whether this feature is on or off, if you delete cookies, all of your workstation and grid settings will be lost.
3.  I can set my browser to not delete cookies from certain sites. Should I do that for Evergreen?
A. Yes, you can.  However our testing indicates that this is inconsistent.  Please check with Chris first.
4.  If the staff computer is sometimes used by patrons for OPAC use, and they clear cookies, does this lose workstation name and grid settings for staff when they log in again?
A.  Yes.  (Anyway, we generally frown on both patrons and staff using the same computer)


Videos – Many training videos are on our Youtube Channel – you can find our Channel here (or, on YouTube, search for “balsamcentral”)

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