Executive Committee – March 4, 2016

Balsam Executive meeting March. 4, 2016

Attendance: Nancy, Chris, Trisha, John, Becky, Priscilla and guest Bruce Grant

Secretary’s minutes from Feb. 4 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

                We paid Jeremy for tech support.
                Chris will ask Steve to send an invoice for services. This will be paid from the Steven King Grant monies.  University of Maine service fee is $2000.00 per year. Chris will remind Ken to send us an annual bill for this amount.  John reported that Deanna Morgan will continue to work on the dedupping project. She is limited to a grand total of $590.00 per year from Balsam. She has 24 hours left to work on this project.

Chris’ reports:

                Steve has put a monitoring program (one for which we will pay) on our server activity. This will give us the ability to see what is happening, especially during slow-downs and outages. This should have been happening thru the Univ. of Maine.

                Steve is currently working on the Guilford “installation”.

                Chris talked with Equinox last week. They do not appear to really want to work with us. (We aren’t a very large account.) They asked for more comments on the assessment they did for us last year.

The latest failure of Evergreen resulted from the Web servers. One was being overused and the other underused. We need software to balance the loads. Chris will ask Equinox about the necessary software. It appears that it was the OPAC use that caused the unbalance.

At our last meeting we came up with our goals for the upcoming year. They are as follows:

  1. To have a more reliable system and performance rate. This will include hiring tech support.
  2. To delete the Bangor and Canaan library “items” from Evergreen. The records will remain.
  3. To settle the overdue issues. Includes getting requirements and designs, from a workflow standpoint, from all libraries.
  4. To identify and create the reports most needed by libraries, i.e., State library reports (public), end of year student counts, and zero circulation reports.
  5. To get the KPAC up and running.
  6. To “enroll” more libraries
  7. To upgrade webpage

We used these goals, in part, to create a list of specific projects. These projects were then prioritized as being low, medium or high. The person who agreed to be responsible for the implementation was attached to each project. The prioritized projects are as follows:

HIGH Priority Projects   *To be done immediately. ** To be done before the next meeting.
* Chris will send out Drop Box instructions.
**Document report writing. All those responsible for reports will identify what fields are necessary for their reports and will identify the necessary selection criteria. These are to be put into the Drop Box, before the next meeting if the priority is high.
Overdues report. Nancy and Priscilla
Public Libraries State Report. Becky
Acquisitions report. Trish
KPAC implementation. Chris and Nancy
Get rid of all “Z” locations. Steve, Jeremy and Chris

MEDIUM Priority Projects
 Delete the Bangor and Canaan items (not records.) Chris
Zero circulation report. John
Year-end school reports. Nancy and Priscilla

LOW Priority Projects
 Put the collection report with documentation on the web. John
 Expired patron report. Helen
 Clean out spurious patron types. No one listed, probably Chris.
 Circulation rules need to be revisited. Chris, Steve and Jeremy

Discussion on non-report related goals:

Goal 5: To get the KPAC up and running. Nancy looked at several  Evergreen KPAC’s and has narrowed the one to “mimic” to 2 libraries. She will work with Seth to incorporate this into our OPAC.

Goal 6: To add more libraries. Steve is working on the installation process at Guilford. Both Chris and John received emails from “Jim” in China…Maine. Someone will follow up with a phone call or email.

John is willing to attend a MASL meeting to talk about Evergreen. Other conference possibilities are Reading RoundUp, and the Maine Libraries Conference.

We need to upgrade our presence on MeLibs with regular postings. Becky, John, Nancy and Trish have each agreed to post at least once a month.

Goal 7: Upgrade of web page. Chris and Seth met and Chris outlined what we wanted. Seth has created a draft using WordPress. We all viewed the page and liked it. Nancy will meet with Seth to discuss any “tweeking” that may be necessary and the adding of the KPAC.  Seth will then activate the site. We will look at that in more depth at our next meeting.

Dedupping Discussion.
                The discussion began with a motion to pay Deanna Morgan $240 to work on the dedupping project. It was moved and approved. The reason we can only pay her $240 is that if we reach a total of $600 in one year we have to submit a 1099 form to the IRS. However, we don’t have an “account” number that is necessary. Chris talked about the benefits of becoming a 501C3 not -for -profit organization. He and Nancy will find a knowledgeable lawyer to represent us.

The “topic” for the April meeting will be Series. We will come up with a minimum of 10 series to clean up. Nancy will check with Newport about the availability of their community room for either April 27 or May 4.

I will call Debbie Lozito at the Hampden Library to set up our next meeting date. I will send an email out to all when I have a confirmed date.