Cataloging – Copy Templates

Making Copy Editor Templates


Edit all of the fields that you wish to include in your template (click in the middle of the field, make changes and then click “Apply”.  That field turns green).  Then click “Save” on the dark gray “Template” bar at the top of the screen.  Then add a Template name. Finally, select “OK” to save the template.




Note: Templates are unique to the cataloger. You can create as many or as few copy templates as you need to allow you to comfortably and quickly catalog.


Tip:  You can create Copy Templates at any time,.  Just pull up any record.  Create as many Copy Templates as you wish and save them.  When you are finished creating your templates, instead of clicking “Modify Copies”, just click “Close”.  This closes this record without changing anything.,  


To edit a Template, Apply the Template you wish to change. Then change the item you wish to correct.  Then save the Template.  Give it the same name as the old one.  It will overwrite the old Copy Template.