About Us

We are a consortium of libraries throughout the state of Maine. Most of us are smaller public and school libraries. Our excellent web based open-source library management software keeps our costs down while providing us with powerful, state of the art  software.

Many of our libraries are also short of trained staff. We help each other by providing general library management advice and assistance to each of our members.

How we are governed

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit first organized in 2008.  Our officers are elected annually by the consortium. We have general meetings at least three times each year. All of our members are encouraged to attend at least one of those meetings. We also have an executive committee which is elected by the general consortium. It meets monthly.

Minutes of both the general consortium meetings and the executive committee meetings are posted on our website and available to the members.

Executive Committee

Nancy Grant – President
Becky Ames – Vice President
John Clark – Treasurer
Nick Berry – Assistant Treasurer
Priscilla Soucie – Secretary
Trisha Cantwell-Keene – Cataloging
Michelle Fagan – KPAC

Support Coordinator

Chris Maas – chrism@roadrunner.com – (207) 924-4553