3.1 Upgrade

We are planning a major upgrade to our system.  There are several new features, the most significant of which is that librarians no longer need to download a staff client to their local computers.  All staff functions (circulation, cataloging, reports, etc.) are accessible directly through a web browser.

The “look and feel” of the system will be different from the current version.  To help you get used to it before we “go live” with the new version,  we have prepared a number of test exercises.  During the next several weeks, before we go live, you should sign on to a test version of the new system and run through each of the test sheets.  During that time,  you can use the “Let us hear from you” form to contact us.  Or, you may call Chris directly at 924-4553.  We will be glad to help you get adjusted to the new system.

Let us hear from you!
(Report Problems, Questions, Comments)
Videos – Many training videos are on our Youtube Channel – you can find our Channel here (or, on YouTube, search for “balsamcentral”)

The Playlist with all of our videos is here

New Features include:

Patrons can now be temporarily grouped in “User Buckets” for review or batch updating of certain fields.
You can now search patrons by date of birth
You can now retrieve up to the last three patrons you have reviewed
Patrons can now opt to have their checkout receipts emailed instead of printed
Holds can now be suspended at time of placement
You can now search templates by keyword (in title and/or description)
Offline Circulation
Offline transactions will now display on screen so you can verify that they should be uploaded before you upload them.
The web-based interface can be used on a variety of mobile-devices.


Schedule Summary

Sep 21 Initial Announcement
Mon, Nov 12 Distribute Test Sheets
Nov 12 to Dec 14 Testing by each library
Fri, Dec 14 Sign-off sheets from Library Directors are due
Fri, Dec 21 Download Offline Patron List (if relevant)
Fri, Dec 21, 6pm Evergreen goes offline
Wed, Dec 26, 8am Evergreen back online
Wed Dec 26 Upload and Process offline transaction files (if needed)

Coming Soon:

Access the New System – the OPAC

Access the New System – the KPAC

Access the New System – Staff (Circulation, Cataloging, Reports, etc.)

For now, use the Evergreen Community Server  (Login as admin, password is evergreen123)

Documents you will need 

Balsam Upgrade Testing Instructions  (Do this first!)

Download these Testing Exercises:

OPAC Exercises

Administration Exercises

Circulation Exercises

Cataloging Exercises

Download instructions for Registering Workstations

Download the Director Signoff Sheet

Google Chrome Links

Downloading Google Chrome

Enabling Google Chrome popups